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Many thanks for keeping up with our heating and air conditioning requirements.   It's so reassuring not to have to worry about whether or not we're going to have  any problems involving these services. 
For a number of years we have been most comfortable and content knowing everything is in proper working order.  We appreciate your punctuality and keeping us advised of scheduling.  We look forward to many more years of DMH Services.  Thank you. 

The Mayhews, Lake Monticello Residents 
"You are the best.  You really came through for us when we really didn't have a clue as to fixing our problem.  Please know we sing your praises and we are thankful for doing business with DMH!"

Cindy, Dr. Lanford's Office, Fork Union Medical Associates

"I have been using DMH services for my HVAC needs since 2006.  Four months after purchasing my house, my AC unit froze up during a family gathering!  I was referred to Darren by a friend, and he had me running almost immediately.  I did a service contract with DMH then, and have been with them ever since.  I have been so happy with the service, I have referred him to my in-laws, neighbors and Church friends!  You can't go wrong working with DMH!"

Sincerely, John Thompson, Troy VA

"I would like to share my opinion about DMH Services Heating and Cooling. A few years ago I received one of their fliers in my cubby box at Lake Monticello. 

My family and I were new to the area and I thought why not give a local company a chance. I have to say that DMH is a very reputable company with excellent customer service. Jo Ann is in charge and she does a wonderful job getting our heating and cooling needs taken care of! This sounds like I am getting something for writing this post, but I am actually not. I am a residential property manager and have been so impressed by their services that I use them with my properties that I manage. I can say that I have not had one complaint from the tenants or the homeowners. The annual maintenance contract with DMH is a true value!"

Brett Hicks - Lake Monticello Resident

"During the past years I have had a maintenance contract with DMH Services.  I found it to be a most satisfying contract. The service technician came twice a year and was very thorough with the service to my heat pump.  I would highly recommend your service contract to anyone interested in maintaining their heat pump.  Thank you for your efficient service to me since 2008."

Catherine Samuels - Lake Monticello Resident

"We have utilized DMH Services for our heat pump system since 2008.  They provide the type of service you hope to get from a company - they arrive on the scheduled day; they work efficiently; they are careful to leave the premises clean; and they are clear about what needs to be done (and what doesn't have to be done). And all is done in a friendly manner. We can certainly recommend their services."

Terry & Edwina Heyer - Lake Monticello Residents
"I want to thank you for your years of taking care of my family and friends through your very responsive HVAC support. Your exceptional customer service started with the first frantic phone call informing you I just lost my air conditioning and have a house full of menopausal women spending the weekend. Needless to say, Darran was at the house within hours, taking care of the problem! Years later, your customer support has never waivered. Your quality of work is superb, and the professionalism of your staff unsurpassed. Thanks to your care and suggestions, our electric bills are smaller, and house more comfortable. You have a customer for life."   

Nan Mack - Lake Monticello Resident

"For 'BAT' free heating this winter, call DMH Services. Seriously, for friendly, courteous, prompt and knowledgeable service call DMH. Most thorough heating and air conditioning maintenance monitoring I have had in over 11 areas throughout the United States. Rest 'BAT' Free and easy at night, call DMH Services to monitor and maintain your heating and air conditioning equipment. Rates are very reasonable."  
(photo of bat found in customer's heat exchanger)

DKM - Lake Monticello Resident

"We highly recommend DMH Services Heating and Cooling.

We had an intermittent problem with our heat pumps and air handlers, which is hard to diagnose, but Darran persevered, when another company failed, and got them operating to the best of their capacity. We were very impressed with his knowledge and willingness to listen and answer all our questions, until we had a good understanding of the state of our systems. He demonstrated a commitment and passion for his work. We used DMH Services several times in both summer and winter to repair our units.

When it came time to install new systems, Darran did an exemplary job. He came and went, hauling out the old components, and bringing in the new without a disruption. He worked very hard over several days to get the systems up and running, even in the brutal summer heat in our uninsulated attic.

Darran's integrity and excellent quality of work has made DMH our HVAC company. He is efficient, knowledgeable, engaging, and won't settle for 'almost right'. Also, DMH Services is local. That's important to us. We know we can call and Darran will take care of our needs with reasonable pricing for his work.

Several in our neighborhood use DMH Services. We are glad we too have become satisfied customers of DMH Services."

Jo McDowell - Lake Monticello Resident

"My husband and I have been customers of DMH Services for over 10 years! Working with DMH Services has been a pleasure. DMH has always been professional, friendly and informative and it is wonderful to work with contractors that are reliable. DMH Services has always worked in a timely manner to resolve issues with our heating and cooling system. My husband and I recently had to put in an entire new heating and cooling system in our home. DMH not only provided choices on the new systems, but explained the differences of each of the systems as well as provided the cost of the systems. Our new system was put in our home in one day. If you are looking for a heating and cooling contractor, we highly recommend DMH Services . We are most definitely loyal customers!"

John & Gail Chwan - Lake Monticello Residents

"I have used DMH Services for about 10 years.  Darran is very knowledgeable about HVAC systems.  I admire his experience and expertise.  He is reliable about showing up at the appointed time."

Anthony Conway - Lake Monticello Resident

"For most of us our homes are not only a financial investment but a personal one as well.  Darran of DMH Services understands the relationship people have with their homes.  He goes beyond fixing heating & cooling problems.  Darran empowers his customers by teaching them about their homes' specific needs.  He encourages home owners to truly understand the needs of their home by directing them toward easily accessible information.  

When we needed a new HVAC system we acquired bids from DMH Services and two other area competitors.  We thought for sure the company that was a household name would win out on price and service, but DMH Services offered not only the best deal but the friendliest service.  After our experience working with DMH Services we will never trust anyone else except DMH with our Lake Monticello home's HVAC needs." 

Rob & Christine Deitcher - Lake Monticello Residents

'Last summer we had our a/c serviced twice (by an HVAC company adding freon) in two weeks. On the third try we called DMH Services. Within 5 minutes Darran found a coolant leak & made the necessary repair. 

Thereafter, we decided to replace both our a/c & furnace with a high energy efficiency system.  We had five different quotes (from various companies) and decided to contract with DMH.  It was the best decision we could have made.  When all the necessary equipment was delivered, within 2-1/2 days the entire job was finished. Everything worked perfectly. There was no mess and no cleanup. Since completion, Darran has made return trips, on his own accord, to check that everything is working as it should. He didn't take his final check and walk away. 

My wife and I highly recommend DMH Services.' 

Marge & Lou Fusaro
-Lake Monticello Residents

"One of the best things of owning a home is a reliable, efficient heating & air conditioning system. Virginia climate does not offer the most comfortable weather on a lot of days. DMH Services makes living in Virginia more of a pleasure, giving us peace of mind that we won't freeze in winter or melt in hot humid summers. DMH Services is very professional, on time and very clean. They never leave a mess to clean up. They are also prompt in response if you have any problems. Darran is easy to ask questions and gives clear answers & great suggestions on how to maintain our system. Darran has had years of experience & enthusiastically does a great job. We really appreciate how he takes the time each visit to go over ways to make our system work more efficiently. To be sure of a comfortable life in Virginia, have DMH check out your system twice each year. You'll save money keeping your system in good working order. Proper maintenance saves you from expensive repairs in the future, keeping your home comfortable to live in now. DMH Services was recommended to us by a neighbor with an old heat pump that Darran keeps in good working condition.  We're happy to recommend DMH Services to anyone.  DMH Services will keep your heating & cooling system working efficiently.  They are a great value and very affordable."

Dan & Joyce Foley - Lake Monticello Residents

"I have a dual zone heating/cooling system and unfortunately, both of my systems quit working about three weeks ago [in early June during the heatwave].  A friend suggested that I call DMH Services, a husband and wife team local to my area, to come out and see what was wrong.  I gave DMH Services a call on a Monday morning and talked to Mrs. Hanat.  She scheduled an appointment for me that day and Mr. Hanat (Darran) came out to take a look at my systems.  

Darran explained to me fully what he was doing and the trouble shooting procedures he was doing.  Turns out the system that was not working at all had a bad contact which Darran replaced on the spot and the system was back up and running.  However, I was not so lucky with the second system (which cooled my basement and first floor).  We found out that I had a leak and also that my compressor was not working.  The systems I had in my house were both York systems.  Darran suggested that my leak was coming from the inner coil of my air handler so he took me and showed me where the leak was.  He also tried to restart my compressor but we just could not get it going.  I cannot tell you what a nice surprise it was to have someone that would spend most of the day trouble shooting my system to try and fix it rather than jump right to "replace" it.  At this point, he took time to discuss different options that I had.  I could replace the compressor but that would leave me with an air handler that still had an inner coil leak.  I needed that fixed and/or replaced as well..which he was willing to do.  He discussed replacement systems and asked me to think it over and give them a call.  In the end, I decided to replace the heat pump and the air handler (both were out of warranty of course).  I discussed different brand systems with both Darran and his wife and decided on replacing my system with an American Standard matched system.  I scheduled the installation date (two days) with DMH Services and Darran came out and installed the system."

"I can't say enough on how professional both Darran and his wife were in getting out to trouble shoot my systems and ultimately selecting a replacement system.  They tirelessly answered all our questions through multiple phone calls and emails.  They provided me with a quote for the installation and there were no hidden costs...i.e., the quote we agree on was what I paid and nothing more was added to the cost.  I scheduled the installation over two days and the night before the appointment, Darran delivered our new equipment.  Darran showed up on time and before he started the installation, he walked me through what he was going to do and how he was going to do it describing why it would take him two days.  Even though Darran did not need any help at all, he put up with my desire to watch what he was doing and he took the time to explain everything he was doing and allowing me to "tag" along.  While I am sure that I slowed him down somewhat, he did not show it.  By the end of the first day, he had removed the old systems and put the new systems in place.  He installed new fittings on everything and ran new lines.  He had the air handler completely installed and the air pump in place so that on the next day, he was able to test the lines for leaks and reconnect the power and finish the installation.  

Everything went as he discussed on the first day and by 3pm on the second day, my system was completely installed and finished...and I walked away from the time spent watching Darran with some new understanding of my heat pump and air handling system.  Darran is such a professional that on the first day when he put the new heat pump in place, it was leaning a little (I really could not tell).  The first thing he did on the second day was fix the heat pump so according to him, it was not leaning anymore.  

He also pulled off the old heat pump and air handler, parts that were still good (circuit boards, etc) and gave them to me to hold on to.  Hopefully my second York system won't quit but if it does, I have some parts that can be used if I need to replace those parts.  He even put up with me changing my mind on a thermostat (I decided I really wanted a programmable one) and took the time on the second day to get me a programmable one instead of the one we agreed upon.  Those kind of attention to detail things are what impressed me the most with Darran, his wife, and DMH Services. 

 I cannot say enough about the professionalism, care and concern DMH Services had for making sure I was completely satisfied with the services they performed." 

Tim & Carol Powers - Lake Monticello Residents

     I wanted to recommend DMH Services for heating and air conditioning service and repairs.  In May, the compressor in our 3 year old heat pump stopped working.  We decided not to use the company whom the previous owner had used to install the unit because there were excessive charges for filters and basic maintenance services in the past.  We called a different company who charged us around $70 just to take a look at it, strongly recommended we consider replacing the entire heat pump, and had a salesman at our door within 30 minutes trying to sell us a new unit.      I decided to call around and check with some other companies to see if what we were being told about the compressor, replacing the unit, and the estimated cost seemed to be reasonable.  One of the companies I called was DMH  Services located in Fork Union.  Darran Hanat, the owner, offered to come take a look at the heat pump without any charge just to be sure it was the compressor since it was not common for a compressor to go bad in just 3 years.   He replaced the compressor, which was under warranty, in half the time the earlier company technician had estimated, and for about $500-$600 cheaper than the earlier company had estimated.      Darran is down to earth, honest, hardworking, charged reasonable rates, and did a great job.  Our new compressor works great!  Darran even came back to check everything a few weeks later to make sure it was working properly without an extra charge.  Since having the work done by DMH Services, I have found several people who use him to do their repairs and maintenance services, and I have learned my church uses him as well for their HVAC needs.  Daran even gave me a website where I could purchase air filters at a great price.  I highly recommend Darran Hanat with DMH Services without reservation.   His number is 434-996-8348.   

Joyce Parr - Lake Monticello Resident (Member PALM)

I agree 100% with Joyce about Darran at DMH. (You may recognize his [business] name from a flyer in our cubbies.)

You may recall that I recently asked HVAC recommendations and advice, and let me tell you that I met with practically every HVAC company in the book; all the 'major players' were at my house. The prices were all over the place, the recommended service was all over the place, and it was very overwhelming trying to reign in all this information I was receiving.

My last plea to PALM yielded two *immediate* responses about Darran. So I called. His wife talked to me on the phone for about 30 minutes to get a good understanding of what was going on, and Darran was at my house first thing the next morning. He tested things no other company did, he fixed a few things that no one else noticed/mentioned was wrong, filled us up with some refrigerant ' and we were up and running again. For the time being at least (our system is almost 10 years old'), he's saved us between $5,000-10,000. HELLO!?! Better yet, his wife followed up with us that very afternoon, talking us through what Darran found, what he fixed, what he proposed for the future, etc. Overall, they helped me make sense of all the information I received from the other companies ' it was EXACTLY what we needed.

My husband and I are so incredibly appreciative of his work and plan on using him forward for all of our HVAC needs.

On a similar note, if anyone is looking to replace their system, please email me. I can tell you everything I learned during the process, get you a checklist of questions to ask, etc. I'm definitely no pro, but maybe I can help in some little way'

Bobbi Vernon - Lake Monticello Resident (member PALM)

"Our air conditioning unit went down at the beginning of the summer, on what was at that point, the hottest day of the year and  were expecting family from out of state in 4 days. We called DMH Services.

Initially we were told that given the time of year [and heat wave], they were already swamped with service calls, but would squeeze us in. We were hoping for a quick fix [but needed a new system]. They re-arranged their schedule to fit us in [and get a new system up and running in 2 days, so we didn't have] to subject visitors and ourselves to a sweltering house and spare us summer in Virginia without air conditioning. 

Darran, comes off as tough ex-New Yorker, but he has a big heart. As far as service is concerned, it just doesn't get any better."

Michael Ponzini -Lake Monticello Resident 

It's a pleasure dealing with you guys. Darran was as proficient and informative as always when he was here earlier today. Your  appointments are always on time. Darran takes the time to explain your entire HVAC system if you have an interest in knowing more about how it works. He explains the tests he's performed and affords you a summation on the systems efficiency when he's finished. Your service contract is reasonably priced and the fact it includes two inspections annually gives us peace of mind knowing we won't have to be without heat or air conditioning because we failed to maintain our system properly.  

Steve and Fran Carney - Lake Monticello Residents