DMH Services Heating & Cooling. Maintenance Plan / Service Contract. Palmyra, VA

Maintenance Plan / Service Contract

Maintenance Plan / Service Contract
The U.S. Census Bureau estimates 2.5 – 3 million HVAC systems fail each year. While some are due to age, others are due to neglect. Whether your system is old or brand new, regular check-ups can increase the longevity of your system.  The average lifespan of an HVAC is 10-15 years.  Neglect of maintenance can decrease the longevity of your HVAC by years and, in turn, you may have to purchase a new system sooner rather than later.  If you have had repairs in the past, maintenance check-ups may help avoid costly repairs in the future.

 Why is it important to have regular maintenance check-ups on your heating and air conditioning system?  The same reason it is important to have your vehicle checked and inspected, regardless of its age.  Preventive maintenance on your HVAC system is similar as preventive maintenance of your vehicle.  Both are costly items to repair or replace.  If you don't change the engine oil and replace filters, the engine will lock up and the vehicle will cease to run. If you spend a minimal cost of changing your engine oil and filters on a regular basis you save money in the long run on repairing or replacing the engine or having to purchase a new vehicle.  

The same holds true for your HVAC system. Proper maintenance of your HVAC is inexpensive in comparison to costly repairs or possible replacement of your whole system (which is thousands of dollars) if it fails.  Whether your system is old or brand new, regular check-ups can increase the longevity of your system.  The average lifespan of an HVAC is 10 - 15 years.  Neglect of maintenance can decrease the longevity of your HVAC by years and, in turn, you may have to purchase a new system sooner rather than later. 

Maintain your equipment to prevent future problems and unwanted costs. Keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance by having a DMH Services Heating & Cooling do annual seasonal check-ups on your system.  Maintenance tune-ups not only check your HVAC system to meet manufacturers' standards, but they give you peace of mind knowing your system is operating properly. 

Maintenance Agreement 
Discounts for 2 or more systems per home.
(heating & cooling) included

Regardless of the age of your system, regular maintenance tune ups can help PREVENT major problems and costly repairs. Call Jo Ann to Schedule your Tune Up. (434) 981 - 8348.

Spring/Summer - Cooling (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioner) 
 Seasonal Maintenance check-up includes the following:
Outdoor Unit (Heat Pump or Air Conditioner)
* Inspect Condenser Coil
* Monitor Cooling Cycle
* Inspect Fan,
* Monitor Reversing Valve
* Monitor Compressor & Fan Motor Amperage
* Inspect Contactor
* Inspect Capacitor
* Lubricate All Moving Parts (where applicable).
* Inspect Electrical Connections - (adjust, if necessary)
* Remove Debris
Indoor Unit (Air Handler)
* Inspect Inside Cooling Coil (clean at discount rate, if necessary)
* Inspect Blower Components (clean at discount rate, if necessary)
* Inspect Primary and Secondary Drains (clean & test)
   Note: We do no warranty condensate leaks
* Lubricate All Moving Parts (where applicable)
* Inspect Electrical Connections (adjust, if necessary)
* Monitor Cooling Cycle
* Clean or Replace Air Filters (customer supplied)
* Inspect Thermostat Operation
*Visual Inspection of Ductwork
Avoid Voiding Your HVAC Warranty
HVAC Manufacturers:  Some HVAC Manufacturers will void the warranty on their equipment if you do not have proper maintenance records.  In your Owner’s Manual, under Warranty Information see: Eligibility requirements. Example: 
American Standard & Trane Base Limited Warranty: "Eligibility Requirements: Products must be properly installed, operated, and maintained by a licensed HVAC service provider in accordance with the Product specifications or installation, operation, and maintenance instruction provided by Company with each Product.  Failure to conform to such specifications and/or instruction shall void this limited warranty.  Company may request written documentation showing the proper preventative maintenance."

Lennox Warranty Information: The new Lennox unit must be properly installed, operated and maintained by a licensed professional installer (or equivalent), or by a service agency in accordance with the unit installation, operation and maintenance instructions provided with each Lennox unit. Failure to provide maintenance per Lennox instructions will void the warranty. You may be asked to provide written documentation of annual and other periodic preventive maintenance.

Home Warranty Companies:  Some Home Warranty Companies may void your warranty if your maintenance is not up-to-date.
Semi-annual inspections and professional cleanings ensure your HVAC system is running properly, and also extend the life of your system with proper maintenance. Those services are not included in home warranties and are free every six months under your HVAC maintenance plan. If maintenance is not done, a home warranty company will deny any claims for repair work, stating the breakdown was due to poor maintenance, which will leave repair up to you, the homeowner.” Source: Angie’s List
Rodents are often drawn to Heating & Air Conditioning systems in order to find a place of refuge. Mice have been known to nest and chew wires in HVAC units. Rodents gnaw electrical wires which can lead to HVAC breakdown. Exposed wires may also be a fire hazard. Have your HVAC system checked in both heating & cooling seasons for signs of rodents. 

Call Jo Ann at DMH Services Heating & Cooling to schedule a maintenance check-up (434) 981-8348.

Your Air Conditioner Can Produce About 9 Gallons of Water Per Day on Hot, Humid Days
Did you know that your air conditioner can produce as much as 9 gallons of water per day during the hot, humid summer months? 

Your air conditioner can produce as much as 9 gallons of water per day during the hot, humid summer months. Humidity is defined as vaporized water in the air.  During the summer when the humidity is high, your home and its furnishings naturally absorb some water vapor.  Your air conditioner is like a dehumidifier.

Part of the cooling process of your A/C is removing moisture from the air.   As your A/C extracts moisture, the air feels lighter and cooler. Condensation drips off your Indoor Unit's Evaporator Coil and falls into the drain pan which is connected to the condensate drain.  The water flows through the condensate drain to a drainage system or outside your home through a pvc pipe.   On more humid days, more moisture is extracted and drained from your home.

Your condensate drain can get clogged with dirt and airborne particles that are present in your home when the condensate drips into your drainpan and then into your condensate drain.  If the condensate drains clogs, it can allow harmful contaminants like mold, mildew, virus and bacteria to grow in the drain line. Algae can also grow in as it thrives in dark, damp areas. Water can back up and leak into your home, damaging floors, ceilings, walls, etc. which can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

Make sure your condensate drain is clear at all times. Checking and clearing condensate pans and drains are part of our maintenance check-up.  We check and clean the condensate tray and drain to make sure it is clear and the water can flow. 

To schedule a maintenance check-up or if you have water leak, clogged drain, etc., call Jo Ann (434) 981-8348.

Fall/Winter - Heating (Heat Pumps & Gas Furnaces)
Seasonal Maintenance check-up includes the following:


Check Filter(s) 
Lubricate as Required 
Check System Operation 
Check Electrical Connections 
Clean Outdoor Coil (weather permitting) Inspect Coils - Indoor & Outdoor (when accessible) 
Check Contactor(s) 
Check Temperature Differential (Indoor Unit)
Check S.O.V. (Heat Pump) Check Thermostat
Measure AMPS & Volts of Motors 
Visual Inspection of Ductwork


Check flue & vent pipe(s)
Check safety controls & limits
Check heat exchanges
Check start-up sequence
Check combustion motor
Check condensation drain
Check burner assembly
Monitor gas pressure at valve


Lake Monticello Residents'  Customer Recommendation

"One of the best things of owning a home is a reliable, efficient heating & air conditioning system. Virginia climate does not offer the most comfortable weather on a lot of days. 

DMH Services makes living in Virginia more of a pleasure, giving us peace of mind that we won't freeze in winter or melt in hot humid summers. DMH Services is very professional, on time and very clean. They never leave a mess to clean up. They are also prompt in response if you have any problems. Darran is easy to ask questions and gives clear answers & great suggestions on how to maintain our system. Darran has had years of experience & enthusiastically does a great job. 

We really appreciate how he takes the time each visit to go over ways to make our system work more efficiently. To be sure of a comfortable life in Virginia, have DMH Services check out your system twice each year. You'll save money keeping your system in good working order. Proper maintenance saves you from expensive repairs in the future, keeping your home comfortable to live in now. DMH Services was recommended to us by a neighbor with an old heat pump that Darran keeps in good working condition. We're happy to recommend DMH Services to anyone. DMH Services will keep your heating & cooling system working efficiently. They are a great value and very affordable."

Dan & Joyce Foley - Lake Monticello Residents